Cantos is a text-based artwork that uses visual art notebooks collected over thirty years as found text reframed and rewritten in the style of The Cantos of Ezra Pound as an epic non-rhyming stream-of-consciousness concrete prose poem, which reveals the process of creating in the artwork itself. The first chapter Thinking Vessels here traces the development of the ideas which led to the Vessels work, including the use of Venn diagrams as a possible framework for making paintings, exploring how the mind wanders in and out and around its subject matter. Here it is presented as a conceptual writing artwork that explores my thought processes through times of inspiration, self-doubt and trauma working at the interface of visual art and literature. It explores a search for meaning in a time of the hollowing out of meaning through the creative process.

*The Cantos of Ezra Pond, 'Uncreative Writing Managing Language in the Digital Age' by Kenneth Goldsmith 2011

This project was supported by an Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award 2022