Image: Re:Group - Fragments in Constellation collaborative exhibition project with Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre and Skibbereen Arts Festival 2022

This website spans more than thirty years of Sarah Iremonger's visual art practice from the first paintings in the early 1990s to the conceptualisation of the work in 1998 a site-specific multi-media approach in the 2000s with a return to painting since 2014 and the recent development of text-based work.

Art for me has always been about the possibility of 'Being' and what it means to be a cultural political gendered thinking consciousness. Based in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland my work utilises text, photography, murals, painting, drawing, badges, cards, found images, video and neon. Early work consisted of painting and was embedded in romantic and modernist traditions with epic implications. Later works attempted to attain a kind of entanglement with the world through site-specific installations. These works explored representation and how scenarios of separation and domination of the world around us are perpetuated as a hangover of the romantic tradition.

A return to painting since 2014 has focused on the appropriation and adaptation of found images using them as the foundation to create complex multilayered images where visual signifiers become hidden in a forest of jewel-like post-representational camouflage mirroring the digital storm we find ourselves enmeshed today and through the use of Venn diagrams as guides for a self-directed systematic approach to making paintings which place self-expression in the background.

Recent text-based work uses notebooks collected over thirty years to explore ideas of reframing and reorganising text in the style of an epic non-rhyming stream-of-consciousness concrete prose poem revealing the process of creating in the artwork itself.

To view recent work contact Oliver Sears Gallery
+353 (0)1 6449459 / 33 Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland