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Bealtaine Artist in Residence 2020

Bealtaine Artist in Residence 2020
Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre Studio Residency 1 - 30 May, Sarah Iremonger
Drawing event Saturday 16 May, 11am to 1pm
Gallery installation event 23 May, 12noon"
"The horizon helps position us, helps us know where we are and who we are, whither traveller, immigrant, local or refugee. Being situated helps us understand our reality.
Build Your Own Horizon is a site specific, public participation project, as part of the
Bealtaine Artist in Residence program at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, in
association with Cork County Council with Sarah Iremonger during May 2020.
This project involves a drawing workshop where participants will draw the horizons
through the windows from each of the floors at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre. Uillinn
is situated in the center of Skibbereen town, a contemporary building rising up four
floors, providing panoramic views of the town on several levels. This project explores
the idea of the horizon as constantly shifting and ephemeral, depending on the
perspective / situation of the viewer.These drawings will then be reproduced as cutout horizons for the public to cut out, install in the main gallery and then take home."

Examiner Wish List

Examiner Wish List 11/1/2020

Recent activity

Knsale Art Exhibition RNLI Fundraiser, Rincurran Hall, Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork
Press Play, Oliver Sears Gallery, Molesworth Street, Dublin
Heros and Villians, Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork

Knsale Art Exhibition RNLI Fundraiser, Rincurran Hall, Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork
Heros and Villians, Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork
Gallery Artists and Guests, Oliver Sears Salon, Molesworth Street, Dublin
Artists of Cobh and Great Island, artist talks as part of 'This Must Be the Place' Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork
Horizions collaberative project with poet Derek Mahon

Publication projects
IL Ponte Della Pioggia (The Rain Bridge) children's book written by Derek Mahon and illustrated by Sarah iremonger, this Italian version is published by Valigie Rosse 'is a story written for his son, then aged six, a tale of loss, kindness and recovery. Iremonger’s illustrations match, in their simplicity, the purity of the author’s style.' originally published by The Gallery Press 2017
Atlantis, artwork for poetry pamphlet by Derek Mahon, published by The Gallery Press

New work showing at Oliver Sears Gallery

New work showing at Oliver Sears Gallery
Submerged Horizon / Skellig Michael and Star Wars and water camouflages, 2017, watercolour on paper, 49 x 66 cm is showing as part of the Salon at Oliver Sears gallery from July 2018.

This work is part of Horizons project, which is a continuing collaborative project with poet Derek Mahon. The project so far involves a completed prose piece, which has been published as part of the collection 'Olympia and the Internet' The Gallery Press 2017. The visual work is being developed in three parts. The first part involves works based on the entrance to Cork Harbour, which investigates the idea of ‘separation’ represented through colour separations and the distant horizon. The second part is a reflection on the idea of ‘lost islands’ in this case Skellig Michael using nature camouflages and Star Wars imagery, while part three, looks at the idea of ‘beyond the horizon’ creating landscapes based on the works of Irish nineteenth century painter James Arthur O’Connor, nature camouflages and plastic waste vectors.

In this work I am investigating the separation of humans and nature, and romanticisms failed attempt to address this. Foreground and background are merged collapsing ideas about subject and object. Though the paintings are painstakingly hand painted, they suggest mechanically and digitally produced images, through the fragmentation of traced images into a kind of multilayered camouflage, as if the images are hiding within themselves.